Startup the refinery plant with a daily production capacity of 500 tons per day. The project was implemented.

2.Republic of Kazakhstan:

2.1.Oil and gas refinery plant with a daily capacity of 700 tons.
2.2.Construction of gas turbine power plant with a capacity of 100Mw
2.3.Production shop of subassembly ESP.
2.4.Construction of the refinery.
2.5.Construction of roads and public facilities.

All projects are on the stage of signing.

Group of companies "Shelfgaztehnologiya" signed a memorandum with the Iranian company "MOTOGEN" to establish service center for assembly of submersible pumps in the city of Tabriz.

Group of companies "Shelfgaztehnologiya" together with the Italian company "ITP Benelli Spa" participates in the project on construction of a gas turbine power plant in the Iranian city of Rasht and Kerman.